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About Us

Introducing the OM CARE TAKER Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is risk management & loss preventing company over 15 years of experience. We offer a comprehensive range of security management services some of the largest corporate houses in Indian industry. We truly believe in “Total Quality Management”. We have a totally committed and highly trained staff which understands “Hygiene and Hospitality” requirements. Our staff is trained to work as if they are part of clients’ workforce to ensure increased cost-savings, efficiencies and lower operational costs.

OM CARE TAKER Security provides security services all over India. We offer professional security services, security protection consulting and training. Since our company was founded, we have provided personal security services to executives and VIPs from around the nation. We are rendering our services to various govt, public and private undertakings, hotels, corporate offices, housing societies etc.

The professionals drawn from the three services viz. army, navy and air force administer our company. Our security body is select elite unit ex-officers and ex-soldiers, who served and gained their special skills and experience in the Indian defense forces. Our security administrators are generally drawn from ex-defense forces and are skilled in security, firefighting, first aid and crisis management. We retain a varied security staff from diverse Indian states, which is cyclically rotated.

OM CARE TAKER Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is company established in 1997, is Mumbai’s most recognized and professionally qualified security agency. we come a long way in providing reliable and effective security solutions for the protection with skill and resources. A highly experienced and responsive firm specializing in industrial and protective security in the industrial area of Maharashtra & Greater Bombay.

OM CARE TAKER Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is an India based Security Company. We provide high quality security services. We give solutions to those with a need for private security services, Guards, Supervisors, bodyguards, bouncers etc., as well as to larger commercial bodies with a need for security consulting and/or training. In our business we handle high risk situations on a regular basis. This is why we will only provide the highest grade of services with the most professional team.

Our Mission

To build an organization which aims at providing safety to society and employment to people in the field of security services by being professional, ethical and customer friendly.

Our Vision

To become a leading provider of Quality Security and Allied Services at the National level with Quality in people, training and services.